Welcome to Ministers Island

Main House and Bath House

Ministers Island—an experience like no other

Ministers Island is an enchanting place to experience. Lying just off the shore near St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, this 500-acre island is only a part-time island. You reach it by driving over the seafloor approximately 1 kilometer (1/2 mile).

Once there, you are immersed in an experience from the late 19th and early 20th century— the summer estate of Sir William Van Horne, the first president of and the driving force behind the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Sir William's vast house, his equally large barn and his bathouse / artist's hideaway are on view, as are the beautiful carriage lanes through woods and fields.

Time stands still, and you're swept up in an atmosphere that makes you forget all about your everyday life and the here-and-now.


These photos were taken by one of this year's guide staff, Jason Taylor. You can find more pictures of the island on "The Island" page.

Sir William's carriage in the great barn
  • Sir William's carriage in the great barn
  • Cattle stalls in the barn
  • Horse stalls in the barn
  • The great barn
  • The bathhouse
  • Looking toward the house from the bathhouse
  • A happy wagon-load of people exploring the carriage trails