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The Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island offers visitors one of the foremost cultural, heritage and environmental tourism destinations in the Charlotte Coastal Region of New Brunswick.

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A short drive across the ocean floor - just minutes from St Andrews by-the-Sea.


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We invite you to experience Ministers Island, Canada's largest tidal island and a designated Provincial and Federal historic site.

Cross the ocean floor into a world rich in distinctive natural and marine surroundings, cultures and histories. For many centuries the island was the seasonal home of the Passamaquoddy indigenous people. In 1777 the island took on a new identity as Loyalists from the United States moved north to escape the American Revolutionary War and settled what is now Saint Andrews in 1783. "Ministers Island" is named for Parson Andrews who began a ministry in the area after settling on the island in 1790.

Relax, enjoy, and imagine life on the sprawling summer estate of Sir William Van Horne. The railroad visionary, interestingly an American, united Canada by completing the railway coast to coast in 1885.

Be amazed by the massive and recently restored Maxwell designed barn, once the heart of an innovative agricultural operation.

Immerse yourself in a time when the rich and famous of the post-Victorian era came to play in Saint Andrews by-the-Sea.

Covenhoven on Ministers Island The Bathhouse on Ministers Island Explore the spectacular 50 room summer cottage which reflects Van Horne's appreciation of art, music, entertainment and the finer things in life.

Discover the panoramic views of Passamaquoddy Bay from the iconic Bathhouse.

Come explore! We're waiting to welcome you.


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A Special Place for Your Special Day!
Bathhouse Wedding Dreams

Van Horne Japane Ceramics Exhibit at the Gardiner Museum

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Van Horne Heritage Farm Education Program

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