About Us

The Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island (VHEMI) Inc.
VHEMI Welcome The Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island Inc. (VHEMI)is a not-for-profit charitable body representing the local communities who believe strongly in the provincial and national importance of the Island. In 2008 the provincial government of New Brunswick signed a long-term lease with the Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island Inc which through its volunteer membership base is tasked with protecting, preserving and developing Ministers Island, as a nationally and provincially designated historic site.

VHEMI is an incorporated body governed by a board of directors elected from its membership. To see the rules under which we operate go here to "VHEMI Bylaws" Becoming a member shows that you too believe in and support our mission. To view current Board & staff click on the image below or go here.
Board and Staff The Board of VHEMI is committed to preserving this incredible chapter of Canadian history and to telling the many stories of this special place. VHEMI volunteers manage the day-to-day operations of the Island with a view to conserving and celebrating its cultural, heritage and environmental value and thereby adding to the value-added features of life in historic St Andrews - Canada's oldest seaside resort town. Our goal is to increase the experiential value to tourists visiting the town, the Charlotte Coastal Region and Southern New Brunswick.

What We Believe
Our vision is that the Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island will be a leading visitor attraction in Charlotte County by being the foremost cultural, heritage and eco-tourism destination in New Brunswick.

Our Mission is to
  • protect, preserve, develop and promote the legacy of Ministers Island
  • ensure public ownership and accessibility
  • ensure environmental and economic sustainability

Our Values
As we set out to work with government, other agencies, and most importantly the people of our area, we value:
  • inclusiveness (partnerships, diversity)
  • stewardship
  • education
  • innovation and creativity
  • recreation
  • satisfaction

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